Adjust to Daylight Savings Time with Help from your Hot Tub


Daylight Savings Time ends on November 5, and we’ll be turning back our clocks for an extra hour of sleep. You may find it difficult to adjust to your new sleep schedule, but a hot tub from Dream Maker Spas can help make that adjustment easier. Dipping into a spa for a short 15-20 minute [...]

Arranging Your Backyard Space to Fit your Relaxation or Entertaining Needs


There are many reasons to want to invest in a spa. You may be seeking a getaway for a bit of peace and quiet, or you could be looking for a way to liven up the party with a new feature for backyard entertainment. Whatever your reason for a new hot tub, there are simple [...]

Why Your Next Game-Day Party Should be a Hot Tub Party


Want take your next game day get together to a whole new level? Shake up the routine and bring the party outdoors! Check out some of these reasons why we think you should spend the next game day in the spa and off the couch. 1) Fresh air It’s stuffy inside. Grab some extension cables, [...]

Choosing the Right Place in Your Garden for Your Spa


Shrubbery, trees, and tall plants provide excellent natural privacy around your garden. Planning a zone for comfort and convenience where spa enjoyment can be in harmony with nature will let you relax in your spa without creating unnecessary work. Flowering plants and trees are beautiful, and taking consideration while placing your spa will allow you [...]

Look at you Glow: How to Amp up the Lighting Surrounding Your Hot Tub Oasis


Outdoor lighting makes it easy to enhance the atmosphere of your backyard oasis. The LED backlit MoonGlo waterfall illuminates your spa water as you soak, and you can add to the ambiance with these easy and fun outdoor lighting ideas. 1) Solar lights are a low-cost solution to add more lighting to your backyard. Arrange [...]