Embrace the Rain! How Nothing Can Stop Us from Taking Time to Hot Tub

You’re all ready to jump into your spa… you have your bathing suit on, the perfect playlist, and a crave-able snack to enjoy your time of relaxation. You step outside and then it hits… the rain. Don’t let a little sun shower stop you from enjoying your time in your spa! Embrace the weather and [...]

Create an At-Home Oasis for Your Dream Maker Spa

Springtime is here, which makes now the perfect time to enliven up our backyards by adding a slash of color with a beautiful landscape. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating an at-home garden next to your Dream Maker Spa: Find the Right Types of Plants for Your Backyard Pick some plants that [...]

Hot Tub Hobbies

While your hot tub is a great place to relax and enjoy some quiet solitude, your spa sessions can also be a great time to take up some new hobbies or activities. Check out some of these ideas to try out next time you take a plunge! 1) Yoga The warm, refreshing water will help [...]

“Spring Clean” your mind with a relaxing soak

Springtime is here, which means it’s time to hang up our parkas and pull out our bathing suits. There’s plenty on the to-do list for spring cleaning around the house and yard, but be sure to make time for yourself to clear the cobwebs in your head and take on the new season refreshed! Daily [...]

Entertaining Just Became Easier With Your Hot Tub

Ready to take your hot tub entertainment experience to the next level? Try out some of these fun ideas next time you’re enjoying a relaxing day in your hot tub. Turn up the Tunes Have you heard? Our full-featured Crossover Collection Spas now offer even more with the built-in optional Bluetooth Audio System. All you [...]

Hot Tub Etiquette: When you want to keep your spa to yourself

Hot tubs provide a great space for entertaining, hanging out, and catching up. There are some times, though, when you’d rather a guest not join you in the spa. Maybe you hadn’t planned for hot tubbing time with your guests, or maybe you’re just not the type of person that enjoys sharing your spa. For [...]

Hot Tub Etiquette: Can I ask guests to shower before using the spa?

We always recommend rinsing off before a soak in the hot tub. This reduces the likelihood of contaminants like lotions, oils, and beauty products from creating build-up in your spa. This can also extend the time between needing to drain and refill your spa (something that’s especially beneficial during the winter months). Maybe your family [...]

Have you heard of hot tub yoga?

Have you heard about one of the newest fads in hot tub relaxation? Hot tub yoga! It is true that hot water therapy has many benefits, like leading to alleviation of muscle soreness, increased blood flow and reduced stress. But why not extend these benefits? You can enhance your speed to recovery from chronic soreness [...]

6 More Reasons You Need a Hot Tub

It’s official: Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so we have a long winter ahead. From the frigid reaches of Canada, through the blustery lands of the northern US, everyone’s bundling up for another six weeks of winter! If you can’t make it down to visit us at our headquarters in sunny Lake Mary, Florida, we [...]

You asked for it, we listened: Bluetooth Audio System Now Available on Crossover Collection Spas

The full featured, low price Crossover Collection Spas just got even better. We’ve added an integrated audio system that’s ready to be paired up with any Bluetooth music source, such as your iPhone or tablet. There’s no need to worry about adaptors or controls, simply connect your device wirelessly to your spa’s audio system through [...]