Achieving Work-life Balance for Allover Wellness


The term “Work Life Balance” hardly tipped Google’s search data in 2004, but its search popularity has grown substantially in the last 14 years. On any given day, you can find Forbes or New York Times articles about the evolving definition of work-life balance or how the successful CEOs of top tech companies maintain work-life [...]

What Hot Tub Responsibilities Can My Kids Help With?


Dream Maker Spas are designed to be easy to maintain so that your whole family can spend more time enjoying the spa! Do you want to have the family involved in caring for the spa? Here are some simple tasks that your kids can help out with: Keep cover clean Keeping debris off [...]

Staying Strong against Back to School Colds


School is back in session, and whether you’re a parent or a teacher, the “Back-to-School Plague” is looming. That’s the casual name given to the bouts of coughs and colds that begin spreading when school starts. We may be exposed to new germs, but there are some simple ways to care for our wellbeing to [...]

What is the Difference Between Health and Wellness?


We often see Health and Wellness grouped together, and while the two words do go hand-in-hand on the path to overall wellbeing, they don’t mean the same thing. Wellness is the action; it is what we do to achieve health. Health is the outcome — what is achieved if we practice wellness. The other difference [...]