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Elegant, durable, and consumer focused, Dream Maker Spas are in-demand as an affordable, environmentally friendly, health and lifestyle product.

Dream Maker Spas are manufactured using cutting edge rotational molding technology that uses a tough, recyclable thermal plastic called high-density polyethylene.

Unlike many of today’s spas, rotationally molded spas do not require hundreds of pounds of fiberglass, wood, resins, and fillers that make the spa heavy, difficult to handle, and more expensive for the consumer.

Many items you see today are manufactured using rotational molding because of the safe, dependability of the process — items such as medical products, garden and sports equipment, furniture and transportation components.

Spa manufacturing using rotational molded thermal plastics does not require the use of fiberglass and resins that release volatile organic compounds that can become toxic if not handled properly. Even better rotationally molded spa shells can be recycled, reducing waste and materials that end up in our landfill.

A rotationally molded spa gives you all of the same quality benefits, and enjoyment along with the good feeling that comes from buying an earth friendly spa.

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You’ll see the tradition of Roto-molding excellence in each durable, dependable, and elegant Dream Maker Spa delivered.

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Here’s how they are made: the roto-molding process begins with a precision two-piece aluminum mold that is placed into a computer guided rotary conveyor that has areas for loading, heating, staging and cooling. A precise quantity of high-density polyethylene material with a sand-like consistency is deposited into the mold, then sent to a large oven to be heated and slowly rotated on horizontal and vertical axes, causing the melted polyethylene material to flow and shape to the walls of the heated mold. The spinning continues through the cooling phase of the process to make the walls uniformly thick.

Once cooled, the spa is released from the mold and moved onto the fabrication process. Jet fittings and plumbing are installed. The equipment pack containing the pump, heater and control system is then mounted. Next the digital control panel, lighting and electrical wiring are added. On the inside of the spa the patented filtration system is installed while exclusive designed massage jets, air and water control valves are added.

After the fabrication and component installation phase is complete, each spa is rigorously water tested for 24 hours to ensure the spa and its equipment are working properly. Once this quality check is complete the exclusive energy-saving insulation and side panels are added before the protective packaging is added for shipment.

While other spa makers are beginning to catch on to the possibilities of rotational molding, Dream Maker Spas not only leads the pack with years of experience they also hold several design and process patents.

Manufactured in the United States at the Innovation Center in Lake Mary, Florida, Dream Maker Spas’ adhere to the even the strictest manufacturing guidelines set forth by UL1563 and the California Energy Commission then shipped around the world to be enjoyed by families everywhere.

You’ll see the tradition of Roto-molding excellence in each durable, dependable, and elegant Dream Maker Spa delivered.

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