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*Please note that some product features have changed. Please refer to each spa product page for the most up-to-date information on each Dream Maker Spas model.
Dream Maker Spas are specially designed with elegance and lasting durability to make your spa ownership experience simple and affordable. When you buy a Dream Maker spa you are buying factory direct, so you’re guaranteed to get the best price available.


Simply choose the model that fits your location and lifestyle and have it delivered directly to your home.

Once placed into that perfect spot, fill to the recommended level with your water hose and plug it in to a standard outlet. Yes it is that simple!

No electrician is required for special wiring because Dream Maker Spas operate at 120 Volt, 15 amp, the same as standard household appliances. No extra plumbing is needed, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to many of the other spa options available today.


Your savings continue as you use your Dream Maker spa thanks to our energy efficient design.

Our custom electronics system incorporates M7 heating technology, which adds superior efficiency and control for maintaining the water temperature in your spa.


Working in tandem with the M7 heater, our friction preheater harnesses the natural energy created by the rapid movement of the water.

That’s not all. Stonehenge Collection engineering captures the free heat that circulates inside the spa cabinetry for additional passive energy efficiency.

In the Cottage Collection, an energy efficient thermal rod heater brings your spa to your preferred temperature. Full foam insulation to maintains this ideal temperature so that your spa is ready when you are.

Plus, the Dream Maker proprietary cover designs ensure a tight seal to lock in warm temperature, reducing continued reliance on the heating system to keep your spa at the perfect warm temperature between uses.

Feel confident you’ve made the right choice. All Dream Maker spas comply with the strictest operating standards under UL1563 and the benchmarks required by the California Energy Commission.


Dream Maker Spas are rotationally molded for a unibody construction that creates an elegant durable finish guaranteed not to split, peel, rot or rust.

Built using the same methods and material that you find in dependable products such as adventure kayaks, medical products and agricultural equipment, Dream Maker spas are meant to withstand environmental changes and continuous use.

With more resilience than more expensive acrylic made spas, Dream Maker’s durable all-weather spas are perfect throughout all seasons. Whether it be in the snow of winter, inside an enclosed patio or under a bright summer moon, you can enjoy your spa with the comfort of knowing it is built to last.

From the convenient plug and play set-up to the enjoyment of easy maintenance, Dream Maker spas are your solution for a simple, affordable, durable spa.

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Begin living the dream today with a quality hot tub from Dream Maker Spas.

Dream Maker Spas is committed to the newest innovations to make simple, affordable, hot tubs that are easy to manage and built for enjoyment. .
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