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EZ Spa

EZ Spa

The all new EZ SPA is Dream Maker's 4-5 person "FLEX-SEAT" spa with the patented Comfort Back Water Stream contours and Smart Flow auto adjusting stainless steel jets for a truly unique pressure controlled massage. With unibody construction that is virtually indestructible, this energy efficient model features a Super Seal Cover design, Digital Controls, Dream Clean Filtration system with cartridge plus our patented Niagara Waterfall with LED light. You gain all the benefits of a luxury spa at a fraction of the price. Easy to install, lightweight, plug and play design makes the EZ SPA perfect for family and entertaining.

EZ Spa Specifications 


4 - 5 person


78" x 69" x 32"*

Spa Volume: 

210 Gallons

Dry Weight:

256 lbs.


16 - Smart Flow


120V 15amp / 240V 30amp / 50amp


1kw / 4kw & Heat Stick


Digital Balboa




Niagara Waterfall with LED Light


Dream Clean Filtration System


Green Guard

Specifications subject to change.
*Dimensions vary +/- .5"


Dream Maker Spas believes that comfort should never take a back seat to your health and well-being, which is why the company offers a number of different spas that meet all your needs. The powerful jets soothe aching muscles and tired joints, while the warm water will provide the comfort that you need. These spas are the perfect way to recover from injuries, but you'll also love relaxing in the water after a long week. Though Dream Maker Spas has a number of different spas, the EZ Spa is one of the most popular models.

Perfect for Families or Entertainment

The EZ Spa model is one of the best options for larger families and those who enjoy entertainment. This spa features two large seats that sit in two of the corners with a bench seat on the opposite side. The two individual seats have small armrests on either side that let you rest your arms as you sink into the water. This spa has enough room to easily fit four-five people comfortably.




Easy to Control

While other spas can come with an instructional booklet that is as large as a dictionary, nearly anyone can learn how to use this spa in a few short minutes. The digital Balboa control lets you adjust the heat of the water based on your needs, turn the pump from low to high to increase the therapy action that comes from the 16 Smart Flow jets.

Other Fun Features

When buying a new spa, you need to consider a number of different things, including the features available on different models. The EZ Spa comes with a unique waterfall feature that includes an LED light that you'll love using. It also features a DreamClean filtration system, and thermo Super Seal cover. Whether this is the perfect model for you or you need information about other models, check with Dream Maker Spas before you buy.

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