The cover is a crucial part of your hot tub. Not only does it protect your hot tub from debris, but it the cover also plays a major role in maintaining the water temperature as well as preventing evaporation. With such an important role, we challenge you to ask yourself – Am I properly cleaning and maintaining my cover?

Over time, hot tub covers that are not cleaned and protected correctly can become dry and brittle. This may eventually result in unsightly fading, cracking and deterioration. To maintain your cover, we suggest brushing off all debris daily and a deep cleaning once a month.

To deep clean, simply remove the cover from the hot tub and rinse with a hose. Then, gently wipe it down with a cloth.

If you have not done so already, we suggest investing in our new Weather Shield Cover that not only is more durable and environmentally friendly than vinyl, but will also hold up against extreme weather conditions.