Sunglasses – More Than Just a Fashion Statement

Are you properly protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays the sun and summertime activities bring? Sunglasses do more than make a fashionable statement, they provide protection from UV rays, eyestrain, and can also enhance outdoor activity performance. Whether they are designer, prescription, polarized or from your local drug store, there are sunglasses for [...]

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5 Reasons You Need a Hot Tub Foot Massage

Did you know that a daily foot massage has proven health benefits? With the foot jets in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas, you can begin experiencing the health and wellness benefits for yourself. See below how a 15 to 20-minute daily foot massage from your spa’s jets can provide allover health improvements. Relaxation [...]

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January 26 is National Spouses Day

One of our favorite holidays doesn’t involve cards or gifts, special decorations or songs. We’re talking about National Spouses Day, a simple day to show your spouse appreciation for all they do. Those who observe National Spouses day call it a warm up for Valentine’s Day. This low-pressure holiday focuses more on acts of gratitude [...]

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Is Shoveling Snow Good for You?

Winter has arrived, and with it one of the most dreaded chores of the season: shoveling snow. While it’s tough to find many snow shoveling enthusiasts, there’s plenty of evidence that the activity has plenty of body benefits! So the next time you’re out clearing the driveway, remember all the good things the activity has [...]

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