Purchasing a hot tub can be an exciting process. With so many makes, models, and sizes by Dream Maker Spas, the options seem almost endless. To ensure you’re picking the perfect hot tub, here are two key questions to ask yourself before making the investment of a lifetime;

How and Who?

Before diving into a purchase it is important to envision how and who will be using your hot tub. Do you see yourself cozying up with your loved one, enjoying romantic evenings watching the sunset? If so, the Fantasy Plug & Play 2 person hot tub is your “Dream” hot tub! However if you’re a socialite looking forward to hosting parties, or needing to fit the whole family, the 7 seats in the Crossover 730S leaves plenty of room for fun and activities.


Another key factor to consider is where you will be setting up your Dream Maker Spas hot tub. Most of our products offer the convenient “Plug & Play” option that simply allows you to power your hot tub by plugging it into your standard 120V, 15 Amp electrical outlet. Another perk of the Plug & Play option is portability, so even if you’re not sure about the location of your hot tub you can always move it (as long as it is still close to an outlet, of course). If you choose to go with a 2 pump spa that needs to be hardwired by an electrician, make sure you are certain that the area you choose is both stable and safe for a hot tub.

Now that you’ve asked yourself these important questions, what are you waiting for?! Your Dream hot tub is only a dealer away.