DreamBrite is the once a week Hot Tub Water Solution that is specifically designed to help keep the water in your DreamMaker Spa perfectly balanced, extend the life of your spa and improve the quality of your water!

DreamBrite eliminates the need for products such as ph buffers, acids, salts and many others that saturates your water and can have side effects. It works to reduce foam, oils, scum, odors and calcium build up.

DreamBrite eliminates, removes and cleans your hot tub from the inside out. By attacking calcium and biofilm microorganisms that are virtually impossible to remove using traditional maintenance products It effectively removes the causes of major water issues, leaving you with clean, clear and pure water.

DreamBrite is a dermatologically tested, scientific formulation of natural inert salts that will loosen and lift biofilm to allow your sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) to work properly for a cleaner, healthier spa water. It naturally softens your water and will extend the life of your spa plumbing, jets and filtration.