‘Tis the season to be…stressed. As cheery and bright as the holidays may be, they can be equally as stressful. In fact, a study by the American Psychological Association showed that 38% of people said their stress level increases during the holiday season. (https://health.usnews.com/wellness/mind/articles/2018-12-07/why-are-the-holidays-so-stressful)

Between the family time, extra spending, and hosting pressures, it is inevitable to fall victim to the festive stress. Here are ways to help handle the holiday stress;


One of the biggest stress factors surrounding the holiday season is excess spending. Stay ahead of the stress by planning and budgeting for presents as well as additional food. Try keeping a list of who to buy for, and a limit to spend per person. The best part about the holidays is that we know it’s coming. Keep an eye out for sales and door buster deals leading up to the season for extra savings.

Expectation vs Reality

Perfectly white, fluffy snow, happy families, and a beautiful spread are what we dream of for the perfect holiday – emphasis on dream. Bring yourself back to reality and don’t go crazy trying to make every little thing perfect. Biscuits may burn and your tree shaped pie may not look like the one in the magazine- and that’s okay!  It’s more than likely your family and guests aren’t expecting a Martha Stewart-esque set up. Be natural and stick to what you’re comfortable with to avoid a breakdown trying to decide which napkins to use and who should sit where.


The constant hustle and bustle of the season can be physically and mentally exhausting. It is important to hit your internal pause button and take a few deep breaths to re-center yourself throughout the day, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Try closing your eyes, take a deep breath, and think of three things you’re grateful for to be reminded of all the joy that surrounds the season.

When the shopping is over and the visiters are gone, grab some chamomile tea and reward yourself with a soothing soak in your Dream Maker Spa. Happy Holidays!