I’ve been wanting a hut tub for awhile now and never really considered the size of the hot tub I should purchase. Oh, I thought about where it would go because of distance to electric, where there’s space for it and how great it would be to use it whenever I wanted. But, when it came time to purchase, I realized I had no idea what size I should really get for myself. So, after a little research, here’s what I found:

First, ask yourself, “why do you want to buy a hot tub?” Is it for family fun, entertaining guests, hydrotherapy and massage, or leisure and relaxation?

Think about who will, realistically, be using it. If you have a large family or you are a party animal, you will want to go for maximum accommodation. Something that will seat 6+ people. Although a larger hot tub may not always mean more seats, they are generally more comfortable with more space to move around in. Bigger is not necessarily better however; smaller tubs will deliver just as much satisfaction as larger tubs. So, if you are single, or more interested in the massage or hydrotherapy for yourself, you may just need one or two places to sit. Or perhaps, you would like something in-between, like a 4 seater, that can include you and some friends.

If you’re still unsure, I recommend visiting a hot tub showroom to get a better idea of the sizes in person. Sit in one and check for comfort and space. See the Dealer Locator to find a location near you.

Do not forget about location, location, location! Remember, that was one of the first things I had in mind, but nothing else! If you’re restricted to a certain space, then this will be somewhat of an easier decision, especially if that space is small. And don’t forget about access to that space. You’ll have to get that spa into place somehow.

Check out the Pre-Planning and Delivery Guide for some valuable advice.

You can also contact knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer any questions that you may have about buying a new spa at 888-768-6772. Dream Maker Spas’ call center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Good luck on purchasing your new hot tub!