Dream Maker Spas FAQ’s

Where can I buy replacement accessories?2018-09-13T15:49:17-04:00

Head over to our parts and accessories page to order new parts and accessories online, or visit our online dealer locator to find the dealer located nearest to you to purchase your new parts and accessories in-person.

How do I maintain my spa cover?2018-09-13T15:48:33-04:00

Regularly brush off any dirt or debris that fall on top of your spa. Spot cleaning your spa’s cover will also help it last longer. To do this, simply lay the spa cover down on a flat surface and give it a good rinse with a hose to help loosen and remove any trapped dirt. Wipe down the cover with a soft damp cloth to keep it looking good and clean!

How often should I change the filter, and where do I get replacement filters?2018-09-13T15:48:02-04:00

A spa filter should be replaced a couple of times a year and cleaned weekly or bi-weekly depending on usage. Many owners keep a second filter on hand so that they can continue to enjoy their spa while its filter is being cleaned. Cleaning your spa’s filter involves the easy process of rinsing it out with a garden hose to remove any built-up dirt and debris and plugging it back into your spa. You can purchase replacement filters from our website or from your local Dream Maker Spas certified dealer.

What is “Syncrylic™”?2019-12-13T18:14:47-04:00

Syncrylic™ is a proprietary formula designed to be lighter and more durable than standard acrylic, available on all Spas made by Dream Maker Spas, a world-class innovator in spa design and manufacturing.

Syncrylic™ was created to offer the best of both worlds, having the beautiful appearance of acrylic while maintaining the tough, impact-resistant qualities of polyethylene.

How much will a new spa cost?2018-09-13T15:34:15-04:00

There are a wide variety of spas on the market today and a wide variety of prices, manufacturers and brands, but you may be surprised to know you can find a spa that will meet all of your needs at a reasonably low price. We invite you to explore our spa showroom to see for yourself how America’s #1 value brand — Dream Maker Spas — provides simple, affordable, durable spas at prices hundreds of dollars less than most manufacturers.

How long will my spa last?2018-09-13T15:34:47-04:00

When you purchase a Dream Maker Spas hot tub, no matter whether it is from – an authorized dealer or through our online store – we guarantee the spa with a comprehensive 5-year warranty on the shell and structure. Your hot tub will provide years of enjoyment, worry-free. If you have questions about maintaining and servicing your spa, please visit our online owners guide or call us at 1-888-768-6772.

Can Dream Maker Spas help my stress, pain, or other physical conditions?2018-09-13T15:35:11-04:00

The adjustable jets in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas provide a soothing massage to relax your muscles after exercise or activity. The heated water massage therapy provided by your spa can be especially beneficial for those seeking a natural solution towards relieving minor muscle aches and pains. Muscles and joints benefit from increased blood circulation provided by streaming warm water in Dream Maker Spas whirlpools. Muscles loosen and relax, and the body naturally heals damaged areas through improved blood flow to injuries.

Please note: you should consult a medical professional for specific advice regarding your general health and wellness routine.

Where should I put my spa?2018-09-13T15:35:57-04:00

The closer your hot tub is to your house, the more you can expect to enjoy it. Think about whether your hot tub should be placed in direct sunlight, or if you need protection from wind on cold evenings in the winter. A patio or deck just outside the home offers a convenient option; just be sure the deck is constructed to support the weight of the spa when it is filled with water and people. Dream Maker Spas hot tubs are some of the most lightweight models available on the market today, and many owners choose to place them on decks near their home.

What special plumbing is needed for my spa?2018-09-13T15:36:36-04:00

None. Once your spa is in place, simply fill it with water from a garden hose. An easy access drain valve makes emptying your spa to clean or move simple and quick.

Pre-Planning Guide
How much horsepower does my spa pump need?2018-09-13T15:37:02-04:00

Dream Maker Spas offers one-pump options for plug and play convenience and two-pump options for enhanced performance.

Our one-pump spa options are powered by a 3 HPR two-speed pump and plug into a standard 120V 15amp outlet. Our two-pump spas are powered by a 3 HPR pump and a 2.5 HPR pump; these 240V 50amp spas must be hardwired by an electrician. Both spa options are engineered to provide soothing, relaxing streams of water as often, and for as long, as you want to use your hot tub.

Do I need special wiring to connect my spa?2018-09-13T15:37:46-04:00

We offer hot tubs with plug and play options for convenience, as well as hardwired spa options for enhanced performance.

Dream Maker Spas one-pump hot tubs are designed to simply plug into your existing, regular 120V electrical outlet. When connecting via your regular outlet, don’t share the circuit with any other appliance.

If you have decided to have the heater converted from 120-Volt 1kW to 240-Volt 4kW, have a certified electrician verify or install a 50 Amp 240-Volt electrical service for your use.

Two-pump, 240V 50amp spas must be hardwired by an electrician.

Pre-Planning Guide
How do I keep the water clean?2018-09-13T15:41:44-04:00

When buying your spa ask your dealer for their professional advice on best water treatment options. We recommend DreamBrite Water Solution, an added one-step weekly maintenance product to help keep your water clear. DreamBrite helps reduce the amount of harsh chemicals you need, protect your spa equipment from biofilm and scale build-up, and has no harsh side effects on your skin and eyes. Properly maintained water is vital to enjoying your spa experience, so be sure to ask your dealer or contact us if you need help.

How often should I clean the spa?2018-09-13T15:42:14-04:00

With regular use and well-maintained water, we recommend you clean your spa about once every three months. This involves draining the water from your spa, brushing the sides and refilling with fresh water from a hose. Consult your owner manual for specific instructions.

How is temperature controlled?2018-09-13T15:39:12-04:00

Sophisticated digital controls allow you to set the water temperature to your preferred level of warmth. Depending on outside temperatures and how long the cover has remained off while in use, the temperature will vary. The digital controls will recognize this and activate the heat automatically to seek your chosen temperature.

Are water jets adjustable?2018-09-13T15:41:21-04:00

Dream Maker Spas include adjustable stainless steel jets that are strategically located throughout the spa to combine water and air for soothing massage for each person. In addition, you can control the amount of air being combined with the water to change the feel of the massage.

How long does my spa need to heat before it’s ready to use?2015-03-31T15:00:57-04:00

Controls for your Dream Maker Spa allow you to choose whether to keep your spa warm and ready for use at all times, or set it to heat when you’re most likely to use it. Whatever you desire, your spa can be customized to be ready for you when needed.

Will my spa keep my water warm and ready to use?2018-09-13T15:40:54-04:00

Controls for your Dream Maker Spa allow you to choose whether to keep your spa warm and ready for use at all times, or set it to heat when you’re most likely to use it. Whatever you desire, your spa can be ready for you when needed.

Where can I go for more information?2018-09-13T15:47:04-04:00

Dream Maker Spas certified dealers are located across the world, and are ready to help answer any and all of your product-related questions. Visit our online dealer locator to find the dealer located nearest to you.

Don’t have a dealer located in your area? We have knowledgeable customer service representatives waiting by the phone right here in our headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida to answer any questions you may have about buying a new spa, the online shopping process, or preparing for your spa’s delivery. Give us a call at 888-768-6772. Dream Maker Spas’ call center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Feel free to also check out any of our online tools and resources, like our Owners Resource page, and our blog where we have plenty of information on how you can get the most out of your spa experience.