If you’re one of the many who suffer from insomnia or can’t help but toss and turn at night, you may want to consider spending more evenings in your Dream Maker Spa. It’s no secret that hot tubs are the epitome of relaxation, but did you know that soaking at night is proven to help induce sleep?

Thanks to the therapeutic adjustable massage jets and warm water, your blood pressure lowers, causing a sense of complete relaxation when emerged in your Dream Maker Spa. But don’t be fooled, it isn’t the complete relaxation making you drowsy, it’s actually your core body temperature rising and then dropping when you exit your spa.

Were you aware that every night your body begins to lose heat two hours prior to your usual bedtime, and the loss of heat is what triggers your sleep mode. By soaking in your spa at night, you’re actually tricking your internal clock into thinking it’s time to start preparing for bed.

And don’t forget the cool down period – it is best to begin your “sleep soak” an hour or two prior to when you would like to turn in for the night. This will allow time for your body to cool down once you exit your spa and prepare for a peaceful sleep.

Grab your robe, head to your spa, and sweet dreams from Dream Maker Spas!