5 Reasons You Need a Hot Tub Foot Massage


Did you know that a daily foot massage has proven health benefits? With the foot jets in your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas, you can begin experiencing the health and wellness benefits for yourself. See below how a 15 to 20-minute daily foot massage from your spa’s jets can provide allover health improvements. Relaxation [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Hot Tub Foot Massage2019-03-29T16:34:16-04:00

How many calories does spring cleaning burn?


There’s a benefit you can look forward to while checking off the chores you’ve put off all winter: burning calories. Put on a fitness tracker while you’re tidying up to see just how many extra steps you take while cleaning the garage, and check out this handy reference for how many calories you can burn [...]

How many calories does spring cleaning burn?2019-03-29T16:30:03-04:00

International Day Of Happiness


Now it’s been a tough and very long winter, but here we are at the door of Spring and you finally have an excuse to be smiling, because Tuesday the 20th of March, is International Day of Happiness. Here’s another excuse - hot tubs can contribute to our happiness, too! Soaking in a hot tub [...]

International Day Of Happiness2019-03-27T16:46:56-04:00

What size hot tub should I buy?


I've been wanting a hut tub for awhile now and never really considered the size of the hot tub I should purchase. Oh, I thought about where it would go because of distance to electric, where there’s space for it and how great it would be to use it whenever I wanted. But, when it [...]

What size hot tub should I buy?2019-02-27T16:27:09-04:00

How Important is Jet Count?


It’s usually very easy to find jet count when browsing hot tub models. What’s sometimes more difficult to find is any information about the jets. At Dream Maker, we know that an excellent hydromassage doesn’t come from just a high number of jets. The best massages come from strategic jet configuration of high-flow jets designed [...]

How Important is Jet Count?2019-02-27T11:38:23-04:00

Pre-Spring Gardening Checklist


Winter’s not over yet, but we’re ready to get out into the garden! We’ve put together an easy list of the gardening you can do now on those hopeful days when the sun peeks out from the clouds. Clean your annual and perennial flower beds. Add compost to the soil and add more mulch to [...]

Pre-Spring Gardening Checklist2019-02-26T15:31:01-04:00

Love your Hot Tub on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year, but is staying in on February 14th more your style? Your hot tub sets the perfect scene for a relaxing evening on the most romantic day of the year. There are a few great ways to impress your loved one using the hot [...]

Love your Hot Tub on Valentine’s Day2019-02-14T17:47:03-04:00

The Benefits of a Hot Tub Massage


We’ve all had “one of those days”, where we finally make it home and just want to collapse into bed! The stress from the day wears on you physically and mentally and you need to recharge. Most of us push through hoping to eventually be able to relax enough to fall asleep. Wouldn’t it be [...]

The Benefits of a Hot Tub Massage2019-01-25T17:54:20-04:00