There is nothing more relaxing than unwinding in your Dream Maker Spa after a long day, but trying to relax in an exposed area be tricky. Lucky for you, creating your own private oasis is easier (and less expensive) than you can imagine! Here are a few budget friendly ways to transform your yard;

Lattice Panels

If the thought of fully fencing your space makes you claustrophobic, lattice panels are your perfect solution! These semitransparent structures are perfect for adding privacy without closing off your yard too much, and can easily be dressed up with vines or climbing roses. These panels can be either anchored down, or for maximum flexibility, drill wheels onto the bottom of the frames for easy movement and to create a more open space.

Outdoor Curtains

If your hot tub is situated on an open patio, consider adding outdoor curtains for a breezy, beachy effect. Curtains can be easily hung using tension rods mounted to the supports of your patio and removed when necessary. Make sure to look for fabric that is specific for outdoor use and is fade and mildew resistant.

Privacy Screens

If you’re looking for an instant fix that requires zero work, add privacy screens to seclude your hot tub and completely shield yourself from your neighbors view. Privacy screens are found at any home improvement store and are available in many different sizes, shapes, and materials.