Outdoor lighting makes it easy to enhance the atmosphere of your backyard oasis. The LED backlit MoonGlo waterfall illuminates your spa water as you soak, and you can add to the ambiance with these easy and fun outdoor lighting ideas.

1) Solar lights are a low-cost solution to add more lighting to your backyard. Arrange the solar lights around the perimeter of your spa and along pathways in your yard to illuminate your evenings outdoors. Plus they can help ensure your safety getting into and out of the spa when it’s dark outside.

2) String lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Hanging decorative lights around your spa can create a celestial atmosphere for your hot tub hideaway year-round. It’s easy to see why this trend is so popular, and with so many different string light options it’ll be easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Get creative with twinkling fairy lights, large bulbs for a vintage look, or even lights with decorative bulb covers or shades. String lights look great hanging from pergolas, trees and porch roofs. For safety, we recommend hanging lights around your spa but never directly over it.

3) As autumn approaches and nights grow longer and cooler, continue to enjoy your outdoor space with the warmth and ember glow from a crackling fire in a fire pit. Your options are endless when it comes to creating your outdoor fire pit. Take a trip to your local hardware and garden store for assembled fire pits, or tackle a fun DIY project with inspiration from these cool fire pit ideas.

Start small or go big — outdoor lighting lets you decide your backyard vibe. Start planning your outdoor lighting to create a romantic mood or enliven your backyard for entertaining!