We took an informal poll of hot tub owners and found they are as diverse as the world is large, and the stories behind their reason for owning one is just as varied.

For example, Dave is a motorcycle enthusiast who suffered injuries from an accident a few years ago. For Dave, the hot tub provides relief from lingering pain.

Joe bought his hot tub to use as a reward after yard work and house repairs, but his wife Monica decided it was perfect for parties with girlfriends and nights of socializing.

Judd is a healthcare provider who makes a nighttime soak part of a regular routine to help gain a good night’s sleep, and Charlie is a business executive that says his hot tub allows him to vacation on his patio when there is no time to travel.

If you haven’t taken a look at a hot tub in a while it may be time to look again and become one of the many who make it a part of their daily life.