Picking The Perfect Hot Tub

Purchasing a hot tub can be an exciting process. With so many makes, models, and sizes by Dream Maker Spas, the options seem almost endless. To ensure you’re picking the perfect hot tub, here are two key questions to ask yourself before making the investment of a lifetime; How and Who? Before diving into a [...]

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Hot Tub Safety for You and Your Family

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a Dream Maker Spa is the quality time that will be gained through the use of your hot tub. As much as you would love to gather the family for an after-dinner soak, are you aware of the hazards associated with children using a hot tub? First and [...]

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Date Night in Your Dream Maker Spa

After another long week of work, the weekend is finally upon us. Instead of resorting to your typical weekend routine of ordering takeout and watching movies with your significant other, why not plan a surprise date night right in your own backyard. If you already own a Dream Maker Spa, you’re already on your way [...]

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Planning an Unforgettable 4th

Nothing screams summer more than grilling outdoors, but nothing can compare to a 4th of July barbeque. To help make for an unforgettable 4th, here are a few tips and ideas for your patriotic party; It’s the little things that count! Adding small details such as stripped straws, star spangled balloons, or red, white and [...]

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The Hot Tub Holiday Relative Avoider

The driveway is full, the luggage brought inside; The relatives are here and there’s no place to hide. All is beautiful outside with leaves red and gold, But havoc ensues when you cross the threshold. Each bed is taken; the snacks have disappeared; Uncle Joey is in the kitchen trimming his beard. Grandma woke the [...]

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The Ultimate Summer Outdoor Entertaining Guide

For us, summer means enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. There are plenty of excuses to throw a party out on the patio this season, and these simple tricks can help you keep your guests cool and comfortable! Give guests enough time to plan Between weddings and summer vacations, there’s a good chance your [...]

The Ultimate Summer Outdoor Entertaining Guide2018-07-23T16:19:32-04:00